At Horton Lodge, we believe that every child, no matter where they are on their learning journey, have the right to access high quality literacy learning. Learning literacy skills gives a child the skills needed for a more independent way of life, through accessing their environment and being able to communicate with others. Most importantly however, we want every child to enjoy the excitement that comes from reading and writing.

Horton Lodge School uses a structured literacy model to enable the best possible literacy learning for our pupils. This model is called ‘The Four Blocks’ and has been adapted in a way which suits the needs of all our pupils who come to Horton Lodge. ‘The four blocks’ aim is to provide pupils with the skills necessary to build up to and beyond, reading and writing in a way that works for them. Lessons are taught through the intensive separate blocks which incorporate reading, writing and working with words. The four blocks way of learning also encompasses the needs of children who have a complex communication need and potentially access an alternative method of communication.

Using the four blocks way, we separate our pupils into emergent literacy learners and conventional literacy learners. This means the teacher of each class can address their literacy learning needs and make their approach to reading and writing suitable.


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Our English co-ordinator has attended an intensive course learning all about the four blocks approach and is more than happy to spend time with any parents/carers who would like to know more about the model. Regular parent workshops are offered out and families are encouraged to attend to learn about how you can extend literacy learning in your home. (You can get in touch with her via email: or through the school office)


The phonics scheme used at Horton Lodge is Read, Write Inc.

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