The Curriculum At Horton Lodge

We provide high quality teaching and learning where children are challenged and every individual is valued. On a daily basis this can be observed in –

  • Happy, safe, confident, successful children that feel they are part of a school that cares about them and wants the very best for them
  • Learning experiences and activities that are meaningful, engaging, relevant and fun
  • Happy, skilled, dedicated, resourceful, pro-active staff that are accountable at all times, who feel they and their input are listened to and valued, who believe in the children and who are valued and trusted by them in return
  • Happy, supportive, trusting, informed parents that feel they provide a meaningful input into the education of their child and the general direction of the school
  • Happy, invaluable stakeholders that feel they are making a meaningful input to the education and wellbeing of the children and that they work  in a true partnership with the school
  • A school environment that visibly respects equal opportunity and maintains dignity and respect at all times

Teaching at Horton Lodge is built around the core principles of Conductive Education (CE), an educational approach to teaching individuals with motor disorders and associated needs. The key goal of Conductive Education and Horton Lodge School is to develop children’s personality, nurturing a positive approach to all learning. Every aspect of the day is an opportunity for learning skills that can developed, applied and consolidated.

Children access the statutory national curriculum and our collective experience and expertise enables us to personalise (differentiate) this in order that it address an individuals needs to ensure that learning is meaningful, motivating and relevant to life and experiences. When a child reaches Key Stage 1 they will begin to follow a ‘Learning Pathway’. We have three learning pathways which are designed to provide the teaching and learning model that meets the needs of the learner. Pathways can overlap and as the needs of our children evolve, we continually assess the most appropriate Pathway for them.

For more information see Horton Lodge Curriculum Handbook or contact us via the school office

Horton Lodge Topic Cycles

Below are the topic cycles that we use as a starting point for planning each term. The way in which they are adapted is dependant on the child’s learning Pathway and individual needs. Each ‘topic map’ outlines the PSHE, RE and SMSC focus. These areas are also embedded into the day with a focus on community, taking responsibility, keeping ourselves safe, self care, going for goals, reflection and the celebration of religious events. There are also acts of worship that take place each day.

  • Key Stage 1

    • Year
      Term 1
      Term 2
      Term 3
    • 1


      Once Upon a Time

      Green Fingers

    • 2

      Going on a journey

      Animal Magic

      Off to Neverland

  • Key Stage 2

    • Year
      Term 1
      Term 2
      Term 3
    • 3

      Eco Warriors


      Earth & beyond

    • 4

      hot, cold or just right

      Animals & habitat

      It's all greek

    • 5

      Kings & Queens

      Dawn of Time

      Vicious Vikings

    • 6

      Our Local Area

      Around the World

      Water, water everywhere