Being An Inclusive School…

One of the principal aims of the school is to encourage and facilitate the inclusion of the children into mainstream education where appropriate.

All children in the school have social inclusion opportunities and joint activities with mainstream schools are an important part of the school life.

If it is decided that a child would benefit from full-time inclusion into mainstream school, consultation takes place with parents, staff and the appropriate mainstream school. The child will usually transfer on a part time basis leading to full time inclusion as and when appropriate. The school and the Staffordshire County Council Education Service, in addition to the support services, such as physiotherapy, will continue to support and monitor the child’s progress if necessary.

The school has many links with primary and secondary schools and promotes and supports transitional or social integration programmes on an established basis.

Horton Lodge School provides training and advice to mainstream schools and supports children on structured transition programmes into their local mainstream school.

Our Mission…

‘Working Hand in Hand to Achieve Potential’