Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage Explorers Class

In the Explorers class we follow the mission statement of our school as the children begin their school life…

“ Working together, achieving potential – Achieving success through opportunity and aspiration”

The Explorers class aims to give children the skills to achieve to their potential and prepare them for the pathway they will follow through school.

The Explorers Class aims

  • To provide children with a fun and motivating learning environment.
  • To support children to share meaningful experiences with adults and peers in a range of environments and to help make their world accessible.
  • To use and develop children’s own unique communication system through a total communication approach
  • To provide children with support and opportunities to make their own decisions.
  • To help children develop independence through choice and knowledge.
  • To give children time to access and process information at their own pace
  • To give children trust ,respect and consistency.
  • To work in partnership with children and their families  


  • Some children start at 2 years old with an assessment place, when we work with other professionals to identify the needs of the child and what needs to be put into place to help them thrive in a learning environment suited to them. Some children enter the EYFS at our school having accessed the school for parents provision, which makes for a smooth transition into school with close links already forged between families and school. We have in place the flexibility for children to stay in our Foundation stage department for an extra year if we and parents feel it is in their interests to do so.
  • Our approach is holistic and follows the principles of Conductive Education. These principles underpin all aspects of learning throughout the school and through it we aim to develop learners from an early age who are confident, active learners with motivation and a curiosity about their world. Conductive Education does not only impact in school. With close partnerships with families the approach to learning continues into the home environment as well. Parents are encouraged to visit school and be actively involved in encouraging the skills at home.
  • In Explorers we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

We provide a curriculum that acknowledges that all children are unique and learn in different ways and we provide curriculum that reflects this. We base our planning on the rhythm of the year- the seasons and celebrations or festivals. We celebrate the everyday things, such as birthdays, acknowledging what is happening and important to children and their families at the time. We follow the interests of the children in order to provide motivating experiences that grab their imagination, whether it is a particular theme or a motivating toy or sensory experience. We have a structured day when every part of the day is utilised and used as a learning experience.

Early Years Foundation Stage

There are 4 underlying principles of the Early Years Foundation stage. These are closely linked with the principles of Conductive Education which run through the whole school and the whole day.

Unique child

We look at the whole child and all of their needs.

We encourage active independent learners.

We recognise that children have different starting points and routes as they learn.

Positive relationships

We give positive role models and promote positive relationships.

We aim for good communication and partnerships between school and families.

We give children opportunities to work and play in a range of groups and social situations.

Enabling environments

We provide an environment that that enables learning and responds to children’s needs.

We provide facilitation that enables children to achieve and feel that they are succeeding. We do this through providing equipment, experiences and a total communication approach.

We closely observe children and appropriately respond to their needs

Learning and development

Activities are planned and differentiated to suit everyone’s needs.

We take a holistic approach through principles of Conductive Education

We recognise the importance of the characteristics of effective learning through active learning

We provide a curriculum that encourages children to develop across all 7 areas of learning, which are…..

Prime areas

Personal, Emotional and Social Development

Communication and language

Physical development

Specific Areas



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts

Explorers are part of the Community

Explorers are very much a part of the whole school community and take part in assemblies, clubs and enrichment days/activities with the rest of the school.

Explorers have a representative on the school council

We explore the local area through educational visits

We enjoy visits from people in local community and role models

We take part in Link days with other schools

Assessment and recording

We use Development Matters, Early learning goals from Early Years Foundation stage and Connecting steps, which is the Early Years B squared assessment tool.

Each child has a learning journey that belongs to them that they can keep on leaving Explorers.

6 monthly IEP targets and termly ‘Next steps’ based on individual EHC Plans

We use assessment throughout the year to provide information for parents, to inform future targets and to inform for future pathways through school.

Our Mission…

‘Working Hand in Hand to Achieve Potential’