Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage Explorers Class

In the Explorers class we follow the mission statement of our school as the children begin their school life…

“ Working hand in hand to achieve potential”

The Explorers class aims to give children the skills to achieve to their potential and prepare them for the pathway they will follow through school.

The Explorers Class aims

  • To provide children with a fun and motivating learning environment.
  • To support children to share meaningful experiences with adults and peers in a range of environments and to help make their world accessible.
  • To use and develop children’s own unique communication system through a total communication approach
  • To provide children with support and opportunities to make their own decisions.
  • To help children develop independence through choice and knowledge.
  • To give children time to access and process information at their own pace
  • To give children trust ,respect and consistency.
  • To work in partnership with children and their families  

More information about our intent and implementation coming soon

Our Mission…

‘Working Hand in Hand to Achieve Potential’