Our Mission Statement

Working Hand in Hand to Achieve Potential.

This is achieved through the following whole school H.O.R.T.O.N values

Happiness – We believe that happy people learn and grow. Memories are made at Horton Lodge

Opportunities – We provide opportunities to develop meaningful knowledge and skills so that everyone can be the best that they can be.

Respect – Every person is treated with dignity and respect. Everyone is listened to and given a way to make their voice heard.

Teamwork – We work hand in hand to strive for the best outcomes.

One of a kind – We celebrate the unique offer of our school and the contribution of every individual.

Nurture – We nurture relationships and friendships providing the foundations for a happy and fulfilled life.

Our Aims

  • To provide interventions, skills and experiences that promotes learning for all; championing the Conductive Education ethos
  • To provide a community where each individual is valued and makes a positive contribution to the school, local and wider community
  • To ensure that every stakeholder has a voice that is listened to and influences the provision for individuals and groups
  • To provide a safe environment where pupils can thrive, take risks, build relationships and friendships, and generalise their skills across a range of contexts
  • To ensure that pupils are prepared for their next stage in life; developing independence, resilience and personality, and an enjoyment of all that life has to offer


Our Mission…

‘Working Hand in Hand to Achieve Potential’