Our Governing Body

The Governing Body is responsible for overseeing many of the strategic decisions of the school. A key role is to act as a ‘critical friend’: to support, to challenge, to ask questions, ultimately to represent the school community.

The Governing Body works in close partnership with the headteacher, staff and the local authority.

The current Governing Body was formed during the Autumn Term meeting held on the 15/10/15 inline with the new Instrument of Government. The Term of Office for all Governors elected during this meeting is 4 years. The positions of responsibility will be elected annually. All Governors have signed up to the Code Of Conduct and the Committee Terms of Reference.

All Governors have declared any pecuniary interest in the Register of Business Interests

Governors Attendance at meetings can be found in the Governor Register.

Meet Our Governors…

Jon Harris – Chair of Governors


Mail – harris.j@hortonlodge.staffs.sch.uk
​Governor Type – Co-opted
​Date of appointment – Tues 29th September 2015
​​Committees served on – Chair of the Full Governing Board, Finance Committee. Responsible for Governor training, Data and assessment
​​Why I became a governor – ​ From the first visit to Horton, in the summer of 1989, with my 18 month old daughter, her life and that of her family, changed immeasurably for the better. The understanding, support and positivity was overwhelming. I became a governor to play some part in ensuring that the profound impact from which we benefitted would be experienced by all pupils and their families who attend this very special school.
What do I contribute –  I have 35 years of experience as a director and co-owner of a manufacturing business. I also have an understanding from a parents’ perspective of the challenges we face. I have a pragmatic and strategic approach to the ever changing issues that the senior leadership team contend with.


Michael Bedford – Vice Chair


Mail – bedford.m@hortonlodge.staffs.sch.uk
​Governor Type – Co-opted
Date of appointment – Tues 29th September 2015
​Committees served on – Vice Chair of the Full Governing Board, Chair of the Finance Committee. Responsible for Health and Safety
Why I became a governor – My daughter used to be a pupil, who left Horton Lodge 13 years ago. I was ask to put my name forward and have been involved ever since
​What do I contribute – Hopefully a business perspective on issues and having a disabled daughter an awareness from a parents point of view. I hope I contribute in the successful running of the school along with the other governors and head teacher.

​ ​ ​ ​ ​

​​Pat Fisher

Mail – fisher.p@hortonlodge.staffs.sch.uk
​​Governor Type – Local Authority
​Date of appointment – Tues 29th September 2015
​Committees served on – Finance. Responsible for Safeguarding/Prevent;  On-line safeguarding;  Academy Conversion and HR
​Why I became a governor – ​ When I retired from my post as head teacher in a mainstream secondary school and also as an Ofsted inspector, I was asked if I would become a Governor of Horton Lodge. I accepted and have really enjoyed playing a role in a very different educational environment.
​What do I contribute – I hope that my knowledge, particularly of leadership and management in an educational context, has enabled me to make a contribution to the Governing Board and consequently to the school as a whole.


Sara Clay


Mail – clay.s@hortonlodge.staffs.sch.uk
​Governor Type – Parent
Date of appointment – Tues 29th September 2015
​Committees served on – Performance and Curriculum Committee. Responsible for Curriculum and Residential
​Why I became a governor – I was interested as a parent to get involved and support the school and its leadership team, to strive to keep the school the outstanding school that I think it is.
​What do I contribute – I am a qualified solicitor. Through my legal training and experience I have an ability to analyse detail and to challenge. I also have the ability to look long term and to strategise. My legal knowledge can often be relevant. As a parent I can offer a viewpoint from a parent with a child with special needs and the challenges that they face.

​ ​

Alison Lee

Mail – lee.a@hortonlodge.staffs.sch.uk
​Governor Type – Co-opted
​Date of appointment – Tues 29th September 2015


​Committees served on –
Chair of the Performance & Curriculum Committee. Responsible for SEND and Pupil Premium
​​Why I became a governor – Being a local person, and also having some knowledge of Horton Lodge from a professional perspective, I felt that it was important to offer what support I can to a school which, in my view, provides an exceptional service to its children and families, and to other schools in the area.
​​What do I contribute – I have a background in teaching, and have also worked in mental health services.  For the last fourteen years, I have been employed by Staffordshire County Council as an educational psychologist.  This involves supporting schools in the districts of Newcastle and the Staffordshire Moorlands to meet the needs of children and young people with special educational needs, as well as engaging with broader educational issues and projects across the county.  As well as experience within the wider education system, I bring my particular interest in special educational needs and my knowledge of national and local policies and agendas in this area.  I also understand the pressures that affect senior leaders and other staff working in the current educational climate, and am committed to promoting the well-being of both adults and children at Horton Lodge.


Zofia Piaszyk

Mail – piaszyk.z@hortonlodge.staffs.sch.uk


​​Governor Type – Parent
​Date of appointment – Tues 29th September 2015
​​Committees served on – Performance and Curriculum Committee. Responsible for Conductive Education
​Why I became a governor – ​ As a parent of a child attending this School I wanted to understand the way it operates and possibly support it by implementing my knowledge and experience.
​What do I contribute –  Raising a disabled child is surely a big challenge. Parents often require support from multiple services including the School. Being a Governor enables me to represent parents’ point of view during meetings – making sure that needs of the children come first. My past employment experience as a Civil Engineer helps me to understand financial aspect of School’s operation.


Lucy Bloor

Mail – headteacher@hortonlodge.staffs.sch.uk
​​​Governor Type – Headteacher
​Date of appointment – Tues 29th September 2015
Committees served on – Performance and Curriculum Committee. Responsible for looked after children

​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Suzanne Stevenson

Mail – stevenson.s@hortonlodge.staffs.sch.uk
​Governor Type – Staff
​Date of appointment – Tues 29th September 2015
​Committees served on – Performance and Curriculum Committee. Responsible for School Council and Sports Premium
​​Why I became a governor – ​ I am passionate about education, this school and in my job as a conductor and the deliverance of conductive education at Horton Lodge.
​What do I contribute –  My knowledge and understanding of Conductive Education and my experiences of being a current serving member of staff.