The council takes on board the views of pupils in the running of our school. We hold regular meetings to discuss matters raised from previous meetings and to resolve any issues brought up by class members and by the school council representatives. We also value the input and support from school staff. As a Council we continually strive to ensure that the whole school is working collectively in a happy and organised setting

What we do

The School Council  currently has eight representatives from across the school on the school council. Every pupil in school is a member of their class council.
Each representatives can suggest improvements for the school. These recommendations may have been discussed by the council  or raised by a representatives class. After discussuion, Suggestions are submitted to senior management to be implemented across school. We also aim to work closely with the local groups on projects for school or the community. Last year the council bought chickens and sold eggs to staff. They also successfully ran a Friday spa to raise money for the chicken’s upkeep. The school council are involved in every staff appointment made at the school.


Kelly is the lead staff member and Suzanne is the link governor.

Our Mission…

‘Working together, achieving potential – Achieving success through opportunity and aspiration’