What is the PSFA…

We are a group of parents and staff who all give our time on a voluntary basis to organise and run fundraising (and hopefully fun!) activities for those in our school community.

Our aim is to raise funds to enhance the experience of the children within the school. On an annual basis, we provide funding for the children to attend Bendrigg. The Bendrigg Trust is a Charitable Trust which offers residential and day activity courses for groups of disabled and disadvantaged people of any age or ability. To find out more please see Bendrigg.org.uk

Additionally, we aim to raise funds to support pupils experience inside and outside school which may not be included within school budgets, this could be anything from playground equipment to educational visits to purchasing of equipment to be used by the pupils. .



  • Chair

    ​Gary - Parent

  • Vice Chair

    Stacey - Parent

  • Treasurer

    Rebecca - Parent

  • Vice Treasurer

    Kate - Staff

  • Secretary

    Janine - Parent

  • Event Organiser

    Emma - Parent

  • School PSFA Link and Staff Voice

    Lauren - Staff