A Conductive Overview – The Task Series…

Task series are a structured part of the daily programme/routine. Each task series is a teaching tool, a series of movements carried out in a variety of positions. The task series is tailored to the needs of the group and all individuals in that group. Task series is not a series of exercises, but functional movements or activities that are divided into small achievable steps.

Lying Programme

This is a specific task series where we work on different tasks in a lying position, either down on the floor on mats or on a plinth. During this programme we work on different tasks in a safe position, which are then transferred and applied in to other parts of the day

Sitting Programme

The sitting programme is where we work on different tasks in a sitting position, the children will either be sitting on stools or down on the floor. Here, we work on sitting balance and using our bodies whilst maintaining a safe/correct sitting position and again tasks learned here, for example, weight transferring is then applied to other parts of the day.

Standing Programme

This is a specific task series where we work on different tasks in a standing position, children either practise these tasks standing at the parallel bars, using a ladder either in front or at the side for support, using their sticks or walkers or independently. Here we work on developing weight bearing, weight transferring and balance skills, which are then applied when stepping or walking.

Individual Programme

During this time of the day the children still work in a group but focus on different physical activities and tasks that are related to their personal aims and development, therefore for one child this could be rolling, as a method of changing place and transferring, and for another child this could be stepping over objects.

Speech and Manipulation Programme

In the speech and manipulation programme, the children work on fine and gross motor skills such as  finger separation, grasp and release and aiming skills, as well as speech related tasks such as sucking and blowing, forming and making sounds and facial expressions. This programme consists of structured tasks alongside different activities where again the children apply and transfer the skills worked on in the tasks in to everyday activities.


Here at school we encourage and work on developing different ways in which children can actively and independently transfer from one part of the day to the other. These ways of transferring can include rolling, creeping, crawling, stepping (with ladders, sticks, walkers through parallel bars, independently) propelling a manual wheelchair, using a powered chair, and again this is an important time of the day to apply and transfer the skills they learn in task series.