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Conductive Practices.

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Learn All About Conductive Education...

Conductive Education (CE) is an educational approach developed in Hungary by Dr Andras Peto. Peto was motivated by his interest in the rehabilitation of individuals who suffered with physical disabilities.  His real interest was with the connection between body and mind. He designed CE to be a structure that incorporated education, therapy and academic learning into one comprehensive approach. 

The Aims of CE...

Conductive Education aims to help individuals achieve orthofunction. This goal changes as individuals are encouraged to push the limits on what they regarded as achieveable. Individuals are encouraged to realise their potential by synchronosly nuturing their approach to learning while developing movement, function and personality. Meaningful activities develop a positive frame of mind that enables them to devise startergies and techniques to overcomme the challenges ahead.


Who Can Benifit...

While developed mainly for individuals with neurological motor disorders , such as cerebal palsy, conduvtive education can support a range of conditions including developmental delay disorders and dyspraxia.


How Is It Delivered...

Conductive Education is delivered by a conductor however, at Horton Lodge delivery is through a  multi-disciplinary team overseen and trained by four speacialist conductors. All four conductors work across the school day with one conductor supporting extended provision in our residential facilities.


Conductive Education Fact Sheets...

Horton Lodge - Conductive Education For Parents.pdf

Horton Lodge - Conductive Education For Professionals.pdf