​Headteacher: Mrs J.Dambach


Tel: 01538 306214

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Our School Policies.

Some of the key policies that govern our school are summarised here.  Contact us to discuss these, to ask for a full version of the policy, or to ask about any of our other policies.

  ofsted reports header.png

Latest School Ofsted Report - Ofsted 2017.PDF

Latest Residential Ofsted Report - Osted - Residential 2017.PDF

  General policies header.png

Access​ibility and Equality Policy - Accessibility and Equality.pdf

Admissions Policy - Admissions Arrangements.pdf

Adverse Weather - Adverse Weather.pdf

Anti-Bullying Policy - Anti-Bullying.pdf

Attendance Policy - Attendance January.pdf

Assemblies (collective worship)  - Collective Worship.pdf

Assessment Policy  - Assessment.pdf

Augmentative Alternative Communication Policy -  AAC.pdf

Behaviour Policy & Principals - Behaviour Policy

Charging & Remmisions Policy - Charging and Remissions.pdf

Children Missing In Education - Children Missing Education.pdf

Complaints Policy - Complaints policy and procedure.pdf

Confidentiality Policy - Confidentiality.pdf

Coping in a Crisis - Coping in a Crisis Policy.pdf

Culture Policy - Cultural, Dietary and Language.pdf

Data Protection - Data Protection.pdf

Debt Recovery Policy - Debt Recovery Policy.pdf

Early Years Foundation Stage - Early Years Policy.pdf

Equality Policy - Equality Policy.pdf

E-Safety Policy- E-Safety Policy Feb.pdf

Food and Drink Policy - Food and Drink.pdf

Health & Safety Policy - Health and Safety.pdf

Instrument of Government - Currently Under Review

Privacy Notice - PrivacyNotice.pdf

Preventing Extremism - PreventingExtremism.pdf

Promoting British Values Policy - British Values.pdf

Residential Statement of Purpose Policy - Residential.pdf

Safeguarding Policy - Safeguarding policy.pdf

Safeguarding (Whistle Blowing) Policy - Whistleblowing.pdf

Sex Education Policy  - Sex and Relationship Education.pdf

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy & Report - SEN Report.pdf

Staff Behaviour Policy - Staff Code of Conduct Policy.pdf

Supporting Medical Conditions Policy - Supporting Pupils Policy.pdf

Whole School Pay Policy - Whole School Pay.pdf

Curriculum policies.jpgArt, Design & Tecnology Policy - Art, Design & Technology.pdf

Computing - Computing

English -English policy.pdf

Geography - Geography policy.pdf

History - History policy.pdf

Maths - Mathematics policy.pdf

Modern Foreign Languages - Languages policy.pdf

Personal, Social & Health Education- PSHE policy.pdf

Religious Education - RE policy.pdf

Science -Science policy.pdf

Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural - SMSC policy.pdf

 Pupil Premium header.png

Horton Lodge Sports Premium - UNDER REVIEW

Other info header.png 

School Data Analysis - Data Dashboard.pdf

National Residential Standards- Residential Minimum Standards.pdf

Ofsted Residential Framework - Inspecting Residential Provision.pdf

Parent/Child Acceptable User Policy  - Parent AUP.pdf

Uniform Order Forms -

Permission Slips -

Holiday Form -

Swimming Policies header.png Emergency Action Plan (*AIP) - EAP.pdf

Normal Operating Procedure (*AIP) - NOP.pdf


*AIP = Adoped in Principal