​Headteacher: Mrs J.Dambach


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What makes us stand out from the crowd

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Learn about our Aims and Ethos.

 At Horton Lodge School we have a commitment to…

  1. Equal opportunities

  2. Outstanding attainment and achievement for all our children

  3. Rigorous safety at all times

  4. Complete professionalism and accountabilities at all levels

  5. Embedding dignity and respect in all that we do

  6. The maintenance of the highest standards of passion and care

  7. The belief that every child is an individual

  8. The creation and maintenance of a communication-rich environment

  9. A warm, nurturing and friendly school environment that celebrates achievement

  10. Impeccable behaviour at all times

  11. The shaping of effective attitudes/behaviours for learning and life and the provision of opportunities to practice these

  12. The cultivation of Children's Voice, choice-making and increasing independence

  13. A positive climate for learning

  14. The cultivation of empathy and respect for other children and cultures

  15. Welcoming visitors and new arrivals to the school


Provision with P.R.I.D.E.

At Horton Lodge School we seek to maintain PRIDE in all that we do.


We value and respect all adults and children with whom we work.



​We work hard to establish excellent working relationships with parents, professionals and colleagues, through teamwork, good communication and mutual respect.



​We maintain the highest standards of integrity in all that we do, deliver on our promises and promote a safe environment for all.


We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality provision for our children, embracing continuous improvement and actively support the development of our staff.


We strive for excellent outcomes for all our children


We aspire to deliver;

  1. A high quality, well-planned, broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum that embraces principles and best practice of Conductive Education and actively promotes a child's holistic development

  2. High quality teaching with incisive learning interventions that maximise positive impact on learning

  3. Robust assessment and tracking procedures

  4. Individualised target-setting

  5. Extended school experiences

  6. Effective moderation and benchmarking

  7. Collaborative working with home

  8. A communication-rich environment

  9. Differentiation

  10. Effective transition

  11. Robust Child Protection and Safeguarding procedures

  12. Zero tolerance of racism/bullying/discrimination

  13. Positive learning environments

  14. Regular consultation with stakeholders (children, parents/carers/staff/external agencies)

  15. A positive approach to behaviour management (emphasis on child ownership of behaviours)

  16. Robust monitoring of attendance and punctuality

  17. Robust strategic leadership with vision, prioritisation and a clear sense of direction that impacts positively on outcomes for children

  18. Quality assurance through appropriate mechanisms of support and challenge

  19. Robust financial management and value for money

  20. High quality Continual Professional Development

  21. Positive collaborative working with external agencies (e.g. Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Nursing)

  22. The provision of opportunities for children to rehearse attitudes/behaviours for learning and life

  23. Collaborative working across the Federation with Springfield School

  24. Strong community links

  25. Attentiveness to pupil voice

  26. A warm, nurturing and friendly ethos that celebrates achievement

  27. A focus on skills for life

  28. An emphasis on the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural needs of children

  29. Early intervention and support