​Headteacher: Mrs J.Dambach


Tel: 01538 306214

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What makes us stand out from the crowd

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Our Mission...

 'Working together, achieving potential - Achieving success through opportunity and aspiration'


We provide high quality teaching and learning where children are challenged and every individual is valued.

On a daily basis this can be observed in

  • Happy, safe, confident, successful children that feel they are part of a school that cares about them and wants the very best for them

  • Learning experiences and activities that are meaningful, engaging, relevant and fun

  • Happy, skilled, dedicated, resourceful, pro-active staff that are accountable at all times, who feel they and their input are listened to and valued, who believe in the children and who are valued and trusted by them in return

  • Happy, supportive, trusting, informed parents that feel they provide a meaningful input into the education of their child and the general direction of the school

  • Happy, invaluable stakeholders that feel they are making a meaningful input to the education and wellbeing of the children and that they work in a true partnership with the school

  • A school environment that visibly respects equal opportunity and maintains dignity and respect at all times

Core Aims...

  1. We aim to identify an individual child's holistic abilities (Academic, Physical, Social, Emotional, Behavioural, Communication and Medical) upon entry to the school and baseline their attainment at this point

  2. We aim to identify an individual child's obstacles to learning and development, and through effective interventions reduce the impact of these

  3. We aim to track individual progress on a regular basis utilising quality assured assessment and benchmarking processes

  4. We aim to utilise analysis of individual and group progress to identify and evaluate interventions

  5. We aim to have in place robust and quality assured moderation processes that reinforce the assessment of achievement

  6. We aim to have a high proportion of pupils making exceptional academic progress compared with national figures

  7. We aim to ensure that all work presented to pupils is matched to their needs and enhanced by high aspirations for achievement

  8. We aim to provide pupils with an exceptionally positive climate for learning and a broad, balanced, individualised and high quality curriculum (and extended school experiences) in order to encourage the development of independence, effective learning behaviours, creativity, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development

  9. We aim to provide pupils with high quality Conductive Education through which they can access the National Curriculum and EYFS.

  10. We aim to embed the principles of Conductive Education into our teaching at all times

  11. We aim to work collaboratively with parents and other stakeholders in order to maximise the positive impact on pupil outcomes. This will include regular consultation and feedback regarding the impact of this.

  12. We aim to provide an environment supporting a Total Communication approach

  13. We aim to ensure best practice with regard to pupil transition

  14. We aim to facilitate impeccable pupil behaviour at all times by facilitating a pupil's understanding of right and wrong and addressing any potential anti-social behaviour in an appropriate manner

  15. We aim to work effectively with other settings and agencies in order to ensure that all children are safe at all times and that all forms of bullying, including cyber-bullying and prejudice-based bullying do not occur

  16. We aim to nurture the highest possible levels of attendance and punctuality

  17. We aim to provide an environment in which individual differences and cultural diversity are respected at all times

  18. We aim to ensure that our Governing body and Senior Leadership Team have a deep and accurate understanding of the school's performance, focus relentlessly on improving outcomes for pupils and are accountable.

  19. We aim to ensure that we have financial stability, including the effective and efficient management of financial resources such as the pupil premium funding and excellent deployment of staff and resources to the benefit of all groups of pupils

  20. We aim to ensure that our performance management and CPD mechanisms encourages, challenges and supports improvement.