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Learn ways to support your children at home.

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Stay Safe Online...

Children are spending more and more time online. Increasingly children are using the internet to play games, research topics of conversation and  socialise. With this increased usage comes increased risks through cyberbullying, viewing inappropriate content or sharing information with unknown people and sources. It may feel daunting, but you don't need to be an expert.We can help you find  everything you need to know about safeguarding your children online or point you in the right direction.

It's Good To Talk..

The first and best way to safeguard your children is to make sure you know what happens online. Where possible position your childrens computer/tablet in a communial area so that you can keep an eye on them. Create on open and honest culture by talking to your children. you can discuss what they should/should not do online. Ensure your children feel they can discuss inapropriate behaviour or content  they may have witnessed with you. 

Create Some House Rules...

barnaby].pngWhen you have discussed what you should and should not do online create some house rules. You could even have your own esafety mascot.  We have Barnaby our Bee-Safety mascot who ovesees the childrens online Bee-hive-iour (how many bee puns can you get into one sentence!). Feel free to use the printable version (below) at home or if you prefer use the blank template to write your own set of rules.


Printable Bee-Safety rules.pdf

Printable Bee-Safety rules (Blank).pdf


Make Devices Child Friendly...

There are lots of free programs and apps out there that can help you make your devices child friendly. Most operating systems such as Windows or Mac often come with their own built in parental controls. Unfortunetely, while these controls are very effective they can sometimes be difficult to find or hard to understand. Here is a great article explaining how you can ensure that your children are being protected. You can also find more information about useful settings and apps for the iPad on our iPad page.


Web Filtering and Monitoring...

Often your broad band provider will offer web filtering and monitoring settings that you can enable through your router.  But there are also some really good programes that will help you keep and eye on the little terrors as well as protect your PC from unwanted software! Follow the setps below to build your own armoury to protect your children and PC. The links below will help you choose the best solutions for your setting form a number of options. As a bonus most of the programmes are free!



Install antivirus -

Make sure that if you are letting your children loose with your expensive laptop you protect it against malicious software. Follow the link to choose the best antivirus solution for you

We Recommended - Panda Antivirus




Enable child protection through your service provider-  

Most well known broardband companies offer child safe settings that you can enable through your router. Click the icons to visit the providers websites.

        Sky TV TalkTalk



Install a web filtering and monitoring software -

Monitor, filter and restrict your childs online activity by setting up partent controls (mentioned above). Follow the link to download some free software to make yourt filtering more robust 

We Recommended - K9 Web Protection



Use a child safe Browser-

You can install a child safe browser or you can set your browers to use a child freindly search engine. Both are equally effective. Click the link for child browsers or child safe search engine.

We Recommend - SafeSearchKids engine.



​Set clear time limits-

You are in control. You can set time limits with some of teh above filtering prgrammes or download Romaco Time Out, it does what it says on the tin!

We Recommend - Romaco Time Out



Report problems -

If you’re worried about what you or your child has come across online, you should report it immediately. Follow the link to view InternetMatters.org. Here you will find all the organisations you might need to report inappropriate materials to. 



Stay up to date -

Technology can be daunting and the speed at which it chganges can